Welcome to DV’s Tech Solutions.

Proudly serving San Antonio and all surrounding areas.
Don’t delay call us today!! 
Ph# 210-889-7090

Welcome to DV’s Tech Solutions!
Don’t delay call us today!! 
Ph# 210-889-7090

Providing Intuitive | Responsive IT Services

Business & Residential


We are dedicated to giving the highest quality computer and IT managed services to your small business, residential, or home office technical needs. Our team is an industry standard certified team of IT professionals with over 20 years of combined experience and is involved in growing a technical knowledge to better customers and clients. 
DV’s Tech Solutions, is a veteran owned and operated business, committed to a lifetime of public service to our local businesses and community. We primarily serve San Antonio and all local surrounding areas but we have the flexibility to provide you the absolute best assistance where ever you happen to be through our onsite and remote services.

Our services

At DV’s Tech Solutions we’re committed to provide every effort to complete services to your utmost satisfaction with the best possible solution to your technology requirements. We provide free diagnosis, estimates, pick up and delivery of your tech equipment. 
Our Services include:

  • Onsite | Remote PC services (repairs, upgrades, maintenance, and malware)
  • Networks (network storage, servers, switches, cabling, data outlets, wifi solutions)
  • Web design (professional, personal and LMS sites)
  • IT services   (scheduled maintenance agreements with your business)
  • Technology consulting (providing IT solutions)
    For more information take a look at our specific areas of servicing.

“PC repair versus preventive maintenance.”

End the break, repair, replace cycle of broken tech equipment and computers with IT Services from DV's Tech Solutions. We can provide your business the scheduled maintenance onsite or remotely, required for your business to run efficiently with the least amount of downtime.

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